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Red Skirts Volume 2...

A quick update about what’s going on here in the studio. Long story short I’ve had a lot going on that’s distracted me from completing the projects that I have wanted to dedicate more time too. Things are finally moving forward in a positive direction and production is resuming on Red Skirts! We are still several months away from launching Volume 2 but I wanted to share this brand new image from RS. This is an intentional homage to a classic Frank Frazetta BSG painting from 1978. Obviously this means we are going to be celebrating another one of our favorite science fiction shows… Battlestar Galactica. While is it going to take several months still to start up again? The update schedule delays were totally my fault. We are not launching Volume 2 until we have a huge buffer of pages. This will ensure non long breaks in story pages being uploaded. So expect lots of Red Skirts updates here on my blog. Thank you as always for your support.

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