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Episode 53: Star Trek Picard Episode 6 Review and Flash Gordon Headed to Auction

Did you miss last Wednesdays LIVE show? 3 Hours just a little too long in the tooth for your taste? We heard you! The next best thing is here, er, back again anyway. Episode 53 of the Podcast is all about the lastest episode of Picard and just a little over an hour. You can listen in your car, at work, take us along on your hike... wherever you go the Podcast is here for you. We hope you enjoy this fun audio diversion. The Retro Rogues, Eric and Dave, are joined by original comic book collecting expert Ed Harris and PJ from Orville Nation. The Rogues discuss the latest episode of Star Trek Picard on CBS All Access with lively comments from the Rogues Gallery. What did the Rogues think of this episode? You will have to listen to find out. We also discuss an important piece of Science Fiction history headed to the auction block. The contest mentioned in this episode has ended.

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