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New Episodes...

New episodes of the Retro Retrospective show are live on YouTube. I would like to welcome aboard my new co-host for the video show Alec Kozak. Alec is also a self publisher and the co-creator of Second Star. We are debuting a new feature showcasing new art created specifically for the show. The art in the promo tile is from Alec's piece featuring the characters from the Star Trek pilot episode... the Cage! I also have a new piece celebrating Forbidden Planet. Check out the who on YouTube where you can see this new art. Please consider subscribing to the show to see all the upcoming episodes and new art for The Thing, Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Alien Nation, and Wrath of Khan! We are just getting started. New audio episodes every Friday (with new co-host Eric Alexander) and new video shows twice a month (with Alec Kozak) Thank you as always for the support.

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