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David “Dave” Beaty is an Award Winning and New York Times best-selling comic book artist. His career began with the groundbreaking 3-D / Digitally painted comic book series Stargodz in 1997. As an artist, he also helped set the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to produce a comic book in 2014 (Amazing Arizona Comicon, Phoenix, AZ on January 25, 2014). 


He worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Antarctic Press, Dabel Brothers, BOOM Studios, and countless Independent Publishers. He has been published as a Penciler, Inker, and Colorist on titles including X-men: Sword of the Braddocks, Batman Incorporated, Justice League of America, Grifter, Brightest Day, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Mister Terrific, and IVampire just to name a few. He has worked with some of the biggest writers in the medium including Stan Lee, Chris Claremont, Geoff Johns, Mark Waid, James Robinson, and Grant Morrison. 


In addition to providing artwork for comic books, he has also contributed to several award-winning Independent Films and worked on the Cuphead: DLC video game for Studio MDHR.


Partial Bibliography:

Stargodz (Antarctic Press 1997-1998)

Captain Value Syndicated Comic Strip (Western News & Info 2003-2005)

Bushi Tales (Pencil Neck Studios 2005-2008)

Titans (DC Comics 2008)

X-men: Sword of the Braddocks (Marvel Comics 2009)

C.E. Murphy’s Take a Chance (Dabel Brothers 2009)

Justice League: Cry for Justice (DC Comics 2009)

Topaz and the Evil Wizard (2010)

Adventure Comics (DC Comics 2010)

Brightest Day (DC Comics 2010)

Stan Lee’s The Traveler (BOOM Studios 2010)

Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes (DC Comics 2011)

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman (DC Comics 2011)

Batman Incorporated (2011)

Grifter (DC Comics 2011-2013)

Superboy (DC Comics 2011)

Doom Patrol (DC Comics 2011)

Irredeemable (BOOM Studios 2011)

Stormwatch (DC Comics 2012)

Mister Terrific (DC Comics 2012)

IVampire (DC Comics 2013)

Justice League of America (DC Comics 2013)

Syndicated Editorial Cartoonist (Tribune Media Services 2014-2015)

Occupants (2016)

Red Skirts (Baker Cats Studios 2022)


Most recent awards:

Telly Awards 2022- Non-Broadcast – Bronze Winner - Title Design for “Routine” (End title animated sequence)

Fantastic Film Festival 2021- Best Animation for “Routine” (End title animated sequence)

V.I.Z. Film Fest 2021- Best Short Animation for “Routine” (End title animated sequence)

Virgin Spring Cinefest 2021- Outstanding Achievement Award for “Routine” (End title animated sequence)

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