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A new year with new challenges

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

2019 is here. Yeah, I know it’s February already and I’ve missed several weekly updates. Long story short personal issues have forced me to re-evaluate what I’m doing moving forward. First the YouTube show and Podcast are on hold. There may be the occasional episode once and a while but a regular weekly release date will not be happening for at least this year. I simply do not have the time. Once a month updates is the most likely possibility.

Atomik Age is going to still happen this year. Much later than I originally planned but it is moving forward. As I have new updates to share I will. But Red Skirts has to take top priority. Also I will have to start accepting freelance gigs again. That’s where most of the time will be going that previously was being spent on things like Atomik Age, YouTube, and the Podcast.

Red Skirts will now be top priority. Expect weekly updates for RS starting in a couple weeks. 2019 will be a big year for Unit 3-80. I’m excited for everyone to enjoy the conclusion of Chapter 1 and start Chapter 2. I’ve already created lots of new ships and characters only some of which people have seen posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So expect lots of fun Red Skirts updates here over the next couple of months.

Lastly, I will start posting inks again from time to time. I miss inking and new pieces will get posted as I complete them. Mostly fun pencils I find online. These will not be samples for projects. Just stuff I enjoy. Also as I complete freelance gigs if it’s something I deem worth sharing I will post those here as well. I will be very busy this year just not in the way I had originally planned or expected. Here are some new inks over my favorite penciller Jose Luis Garcia Lopez. Enjoy!

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