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From the Studio Vault: Batman Forever

From the Studio vault: Batman Forever t-shirt art from 1995. I've been a professional illustrator and graphic designer since 1993. My early years were spent working at a t-shirt screen printer called Animated Jacks in Memphis, TN. I had the opportunity to work with and learn from some fantastic artists and mentors during those years. I also had the opportunity to work on some cool projects. My favorite job from those days was a t-shirt we created for Blockbuster Video. If you pre-ordered the movie Batman Forever on VHS (It was the 90's) you would receive a specially designed limited edition shirt featuring the main characters from the movie. This was the first time I would be paid to draw Batman officially. This was the design selected out of 4 designs that were submitted. I've drawn Batman a lot since 1995 but this (despite it's obvious flaws) is still my personal favorite. The originally art hangs in my studio to this day. Thank you to Mitch Foust & Lin Workman (My Bosses at AJ’s) for this opportunity. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version. There is no high resolution digital file for the color version. All I have is an old photo. The final color art was a combination of digital and manual separation work by Lin Workman. Enjoy!

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