A Long Time Ago... On the Edge of Forever

In this episode Eric & Dave remember and share stories of Aaron Eisenberg and Sid Haig and discuss the Iger vs Lucas news that was revealed in Bob Iger’s memoir. They also discuss the startling differences in approach to a beloved classic original series, City on the Edge of Forever, episode of Star Trek. Just how different was Harlan Ellison’s original teleplay for the episode… Enjoy! Please like, share, and subscribe on your favorite podcast app. Click here to listen on Libsyn. #roguesradiopodcast #rouguesradio #startrek #podcast #davebeaty #ericalexander

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance...

Dave Beaty and Eric Alexander discuss the original film Dark Crystal and the new NetFlix series Age of Resistance. If the new series worth watching? Listen in and find out what our co-hosts think of the film. Enjoy! Click here to listen to the episode!

CW Crisis, Disney Plus Marvel Animated Rumors, and Superman 2

On this episode Dave Beaty and special guest co-host Ronnie Shenks discuss the CW Crisis event casting/ speculation, Disney Plus Marvel Animated Rumors, and talk about Superman 2 (1980). Enjoy! Click here for the latest episode of the Rogues Radio Podcast #roguesradio #roguesradiopodcast #cw #crisisoninfiniteearths #retroretrospective #disney #plus #superman2 #davebeaty #ronnieshenks

Watch Episodes on the Blog...

I have been working to find the best solution for making the video shows available to the largest audience possible and also presented in the format that I think works best for the content. Our new video service will allow you to watch new episodes here on the blog as they are uploaded. They will also still be posted on the Facebook page as well. This is a test. This episode is a re-cut version of our first episode (YouTube, 2016) discussing the Roger Corman version of the Fantastic Four(1994). If you have suggestions for movies or tv shows for us to review please leave a comment below. Enjoy.

Deep Space Nine vs Babylon 5...

Some minor technical issues at the beginning of the episode and we are working to have them fixed. On this episode Dave Beaty and Eric Alexander discuss two sci-fi classic tv shows. What was originally planned as a simple Retro Retrospective of Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 turns into a deep dive discussion of the two shows mysterious similarities. The question remains… which did it better? We hope you enjoy this episode. On the next episode our hosts will discuss and review the new Netflix series Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. The podcast is available on Itunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, Libsyn, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and YouTube. Click here to listen to the Episode 25! #babylon5 #deepspacenin

New Episodes...

New episodes of the Retro Retrospective show are live on YouTube. I would like to welcome aboard my new co-host for the video show Alec Kozak. Alec is also a self publisher and the co-creator of Second Star. We are debuting a new feature showcasing new art created specifically for the show. The art in the promo tile is from Alec's piece featuring the characters from the Star Trek pilot episode... the Cage! I also have a new piece celebrating Forbidden Planet. Check out the who on YouTube where you can see this new art. Please consider subscribing to the show to see all the upcoming episodes and new art for The Thing, Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Alien Nation, and Wrath of Khan! We are just ge

Episode 24 Jonnie Allan Interview

A new episode of the Rogues Radio Podcast. Eric and I interview comic creator Jonnie Allan. He is known mostly for his creator owned character Stykman, which is a great series, but he also is a fantastic marketer. He is getting ready to launch a new YouTube channel and a blog helping unlock the secrets of using social media to promote comic books. Great great online marketing 101 advice. Thank you for listening! Click here to listen to episode 24! #onlinemarketing #comicbook #comicbookartist #interview #jonnieallan #ericalexander #roguesradiopodcast #howto #selfpublishing #independentartist

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