Rogues Radio Podcast The Trek Begins

Welcome to a new weekly feature called the Trek! Each week Dave Beaty reviews one Star Trek comic book starting with the first series in 1967 all the way to mid 2000's. Our first Trek is Gold Key Star Trek issue number 1. The first ever attempt to adapt OST in comic book form. Please like, share and subscribe. Click here to listen to the show on Libsyn! If you enjoy the Trek please check out the Red Skirts! #startrek #goldkey #comicbookartist #roguesradiopodcast #retroretrospective

Creative Process 03: DUST & TERROR

The focus of this weeks update will be a golden age superhero and a new legacy character with ties to another public domain hero. Also we have a new potential logo for the series. Also updated my website to feature the new series. However it doesn’t work for mobile so I will be changing the design next week. Here’s how the new logo looks. I might keep this one. Still kind of on the fence with it. I like that it harkens back visually to the comic book mastheads of the golden age. iI also reminds me of mastheads from the bronze age of comic books too. Either way it's obviously retro and I love retro stuff. The story is mostly fleshed out. However the villain might change. A good friend sugges

Creative Process 02: ATOMIK AGE

The working title of Atomika, I never intended to keep it. I know there have been some other comic books that use similar titles. I just didn’t realize there had been so many. So my first task was to come up with a title. The story is pretty set now. Well, in my own brain anyway. I’m not going to delve into it too much in this installment. We have lots to cover already. In future updates I will break down the basic story beats as I work on completing sequential pages. What I will state is it’s a story about generational heroes and the legacy that creates. So how many different versions of names did I run through. Well, here’s a short list of the better ones… Atomic Generation, Atom Generatio

Episode 15 Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia

On this episode of the Rogues Radio Podcast Dave reviews 4 comic books on the Comixology Unlimited service. These titles are Ninjak #1, Stellar #1, Art of Aspen Comics #1, and Invasion of Planet Wrestletopia! Which was the best read? Listen and find out. You might be surprised. Enjoy. Click here to listen on Libsyn. #comixologyunlimited #comicbookreview #comicbookartist #independentartist #roguesradiopodcast

Creative Process: 01 ATOMIKA

This all started with a random sketch. For the last several years I've wanted to embrace my love of public domain super heroes by creating a comic book that started some of my favorites. Public domain super heroes are characters that were created in the late 1930's after the success of Action Comics #1 and the debut of Superman. The success of Superman and comic books in general caused a huge explosion of super hero characters. Some of the characters were as popular as many of the main stream characters that people are familiar with today. The big difference is that the companies that published these characters went out of business and their characters fell into the public domain. What is pu

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