Episode 7 Daniel and Dawna Davis episode

In this episode Dave & Lin interview Daniel & Dawna Davis of Steam Crow! Currently they are building an amazing community with Monster Rangers. Don't know what Monster Rangers are... listen and find out! Also some fun discussion of Halloween and some fav Halloween memories. Lots to enjoy in this episode! Click here to listen to the show on Libsyn! #monsterrangers #steamcrow #danieldavis #dawnadavis #roguesradiopodcast #davebeaty #linworkman

Episode 6 Dean Zachary (Batman, Nightman, Cat and Mouse) Interview

In this episode Dave & Lin interview veteran comic book artist Dean Zachary. Dean's published credits are extensive and include work on titles such as Batman: Day of Judgement, Nightman, New Gods, Prototype, Hawk & Dove, Star Wars, and simply too many more to list! Currently he is working on Cat & Mouse and the first issue is available. In addition to learning about how he got his start there is an interesting discussion about how to approach comic book fight scenes. Unfortunately there are some slight audio problems but still lots to enjoy in this episode! Click here to learn more about Dean Zachary Click here to learn more about Cat & Mouse Click here to learn more about Lin Workman Click

How to Use Prismacolor Markers Tutorial

I often get asked "How did you do this" during conventions and sometimes through direct messages. In the spirit of giving back and helping other artists I have posted my first tutorial on YouTube. In this video you will see me create a full color rendered drawing of DC Comics own Blue Beetle (Ted Kord). I walk through each step and describe in detail what tools are being used. I also provide some insider info and advice for aspiring comic book artists. This video is a companion to Episode 5 of the Rogues Radio Podcast: http://roguesradio.libsyn.com/ Please like, share, and subscribe. Enjoy! #bluebeetle #dccomics #marvelcomics #howto #prismacolor #markers #roguesradiopodcast #davebeaty #lin

The Incredible Hulk 1977

A new episode of In the Studio is now live on YouTube. Alec Kozak returns and we discuss the TV Movie pilot for the Incredible Hulk from 1977. This is one of my favorite films of all time. We also spotlight the art of Dale Keown. Enjoy! #hulk #moviereview #inthestudio #retroretrospective #davebeaty #aleckozak #secondstargames #prescott #arizona

New Recent Sketches

Here are some recent sketches. Most of these have already been posted on my various social media accounts. I draw these quickly at night before I go to bed. I think either the Hawkman or Alan Scott (Sentry, Original GL) are my faves. This represents 6 days of quick sketches besides my regular commitments. Enjoy! #superman #hawkman #greenlantern #drfate #superpowers #batmanforever #dccomics #davebeaty #sketches

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