Favorite Comics from Yesteryear 3

“My son will not make my name the laughingstock of a planet! In a few minutes it will be as if I never had a son!” -Evyrt (Symon’s Father) Green Lantern #169 (1983) “Off on a Tanjent!” Writer: Joey Cavalieri Art: Howard Simpson (pencils), Gary Martin (inks), S.Ball (letterer), and G. D’angelo (colors) “Sun-Fall: Part Two of the Lysandra Saga” Writer: Jack C. Harris Art: Jerome Moore (pencils), Sal Trampani (inks), Philip Felix (letterer), and Jeanine Casey (colors) Framing sequence Art: Jose Delbo Editor: Ernie Colon I will never forget the first time I saw this cover! The great Gil Kane! To this day one of my favorite covers of all time and my favorite Green Lantern artist. I wanted to rea


One of my favorite movies is Batman (1989). The movie celebrates it's 29th anniversary since it's release on June 23, 1989. On our Youtube show Janimal and I discussed our memories of the classic '89 movie. Check out the video and if you've never seen the movie I highly recommend it! Enjoy. Click here to watch the Episode on YouTube. #batman #1989 #dccomics #davebeaty #janimal #michaelkeaton #jacknicholson

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