Superman and Action Comics 1000

Last Wednesday DC Comics released Action Comics #1000. If you are a comics fan, and especially if you are a Superman fan, you owe it to yourself to get a copy. It’s a fantastic read and a great celebration in comic’s form of Superman’s amazing 80 year history. My personal favorite story in the book is “Never Ending Battle” by Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, and Alejandro Sanchez. The creative team has created a fantastic story with wonderfully iconic images of Superman. With the Man of Tomorrow celebrating 80 years of publication it has me thinking about my love of the character and how it all began. My earliest memories of Superman begin with my Grandfather reading comics to me as bedtime

Retro Style Guardians of the Galaxy Sketch Cards

Sketch cards can be fun. I usually try to create a specific approach when I take on a freelance job. The approach with the regular sized Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 sketch cards was make them appear very retro or old school. Classic costumes, traditional inking, and simplified high contrast colors. Cards are usually drawn quickly. It’s often a necessity when you consider the volume of cards and the time allotted to complete them. I typically take sketch card gigs in-between other assignments. For every sketch card gig you receive guidelines from the trading card company. These are usually a list of approved characters to draw and rules for what you can and cannot draw the characters doing

Legion of Superheroes sketches 2

Here are more quick rough sketches for this Legion of Superheroes piece I'm planning to draw. Still lots of sketching to do but I feel an approach is within grasp. My hope is to infuse some of the wonderful quality and finish of the Legionnaires run with the versions of the characters from when I first fell in love with the series. Enjoy. #LegionofSuperheroes #dccomics #monel #karatekid #magnetickid #wildfire #sketch

Legion of Superheroes sketches

I'm a fan of all the various versions of the Legion of Superheroes and have been fortunate enough to have also contributed to the title's legacy in a small role. I inked several covers for Action Comics featuring the Legion. One of the covers has even been used as packaging art for the Legion HeroClix line. I was a fan long before working at DC Comics. My original exposure was the cool Who's Who Comics. I've decided for fun to draw all the Legion members as a big team shot. These are some of my initial sketches. I draw these late at night very quickly. I'm trying to figure out how I want to portray the various members prior to doing layout sketches. Enjoy. #dccomics #Legion #LegionofSuperher

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